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Government licensed, mandated, guaranteed (and often funded) monopolies, for the most part, were always successful. Investors, also for the most part, scrambled to buy-in for the returns. And, one of the main Government motivations was military advantage consider  Railroads, Aircraft, Space, and of course Interstate Highways. It turns out that several levels of priority control of the first cellular systems were set for military control at the top.


At this time, the Internet was in the same situation as the cellular industry, just getting started. Likewise, military control was at the top in that new industry.


The domestic subscriber the individual consumer was at the bottom of the hierarchy with several levels of State and local Government in between. Each of the levels of control usually had shut-down privileges for levels below. This animals of the planet pecking order continues today and will most likely mean that upheaval by man or nature will bring down domestic and possibly even local Government cellular systems communications right when most needed. Events around the world have shown that serious civil or political strife will bring down lower priority levels of cellular systems. 


The link below to Wikipedia will present the latest Government Priority levels.  This government-eze details the "animals of the planet" pecking order mentioned above.