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Ham Elmers tutor new Hams - "Paying it Forward" like below.
   The Internet plays a big part of Elmering today.

Pay It Forward


On no, not another "Old Days" story?

Finally, after years of SWL and Ham Radio interest, I ask a Ham about getting licensed. He mentored me, pushed me to the books and code. Year. late 1976.

Bought a Ten-Tec Argonaut 409, 80 through 10 meter QRP, 3 watt transceiver with 50 watt linear amplifier. All 12 v. components. Plus an MFJ code practice device.  All latest all transistor equipment

We went to the local Ham store where my Ham friend guided me to pick up the components to assemble and install a 40 meter dipole with proper balun. I mounted it as a flat-top on the roof of the U shaped two story apartment house, with six foot tripods, across the U, above the patio. Year late 1976.

Listening and copying stations all over the World was really motivating. Shortly, to the FCC office in downtown Houston, passed the Novice and General written exams, five word code test for the Technician license.

A long six weeks later, with new WD5EQM license in hand, made first QSO with Ham with weird, to me, 2X1 call in Plano, TX on Novice/Technician portion of 10 meter band with 3 watts and my new antenna.

With the fire breathing fifty watt output Ten-Tec amplifier and upgraded license, I utilized the Ten-Tec 409 QRP transceiver at home, in the van and on my thirty foot sail boat for several years. Always got "great audio" reports from all over the World

Moral is: "Elmers" are an important part of "Growing Ham Radio". Most Hams had an "Elmer" as I did. I've been paying it forward since. If you're not an "Elmer" yet, start now. If already an  "Elmer", - - keep it up.

Ham Radio is fun for life. Paying it forward is fun - - -and contagious.

Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN



"Elmer A New Ham."


An OM is an already licensed Ham. It used to designate a male Ham operator but today it can include female Hams too.

It doesn't mean "old man" but, some times other OMs call OMs "old man". Since Hams finally are getting younger, average age that is, maybe the EE* OMs can get some relief, huh?

* EE - Elder Elmer
(Double E)