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For several years we have provided Free Ham Radio online Technician license study courses to any that want to get into Ham Radio. When resources are available the fifteen digit full course authorization is sent via email, no  charge. Likewise, when funds are available WIA provides a Ham Radio to the student for familiarization and orientation while studying. Radios are single or dual band Handy Talkie for VHF, UHF or dual band frequencies. Many radios are new, some may be Ham donated pre-owned. Best value is the Baofeng UV-5R type

We do run out sometimes, when we run out of courses or radios, we're out.


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We utilize your contact information only to effect fulfilling your order or request. We do not sell product of any kind. This is a project for purpose stated herein. If this WIA endeavor is successful and you become a licensed Ham, please
"Pay it Forward" and mentor a new Ham in the future.


The Internet today connects Ham Radio local VHF and UHF repeaters in your area with Ham Radio repeaters all over the world. The equipment to do this today is a $30 to $60 3 to 5 watt single or multiband Handy Talkie. Most of these radios also will program the FRS/GMRS and marine bands (VHF radios). Some tune for FM broadcast band listening.


The technology is VoIP, same as telephone service from your Internet service provider. Licensed Ham's connect a local repeater through a radio to the Internet via their personal computer and on to other Ham radio / repeater connections Worldwide. It's a convenient way to connect distant repeaters that would otherwise be unreachable by VHF/UHF radio propagation


Popular VoIP amateur radio network protocols include Echolink, IRLP, WIRES and eQSO. with more being arranged every  day.

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