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You're not a Ham but, want to be?

These HamTestOnline Online Ham Study Kits Are Available Free To Those That Want To Become Licensed Hams.

We will email the Kit with 15 digit study access code to you. You can set up HamTestOnline user ID and password and begin learning and studying for your licensee exam. As you get a little further in the course use your fifteen digit code to initiate the HamTestOnline system to monitor you and show your progress. HamTestOnline will let you know when you're ready for the exam.

We have provided many free online HamTestOnline courses in the last few years. Click below, send us an email for return HamTestOnline link, code and info. If the link below is not active we have run out of codes.

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 Ask the local Hams, Ham club members, Ham Radio equipment dealer or vendor about becoming a Ham. Sometimes the Wireless Industry Association, individual Hams, Ham Radio clubs, groups and Ham Radio industry companies have free equipment or loaners for students studying or newly licensed Hams.


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Technician Exam Study. Incluides sample test.

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     "All Devices Ready"

Smart Phone, I-Phone, Tablet, Transformer, Samsung Notes, Kindle Fire, B & N Nook, Netbook, Notebook, PC - "All Devices Ready."

Ham Test Online with ANY device that accesses the Internet. 

Access code for course comes by email.

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Many people start their involvement in Amateur Radio by finding a local club or established Hams that mentor or "Elmer" newcomers. Newcomers also often study independently by utilizing an Internet online study and licensing pre-testing course. Books or other materials are also available. Elmering has been going on in Amateur Radio for over a hundred years and is going strong today and tomorrow.

The efficiency of the Internet online study system and its ability to provide the Elmer with access to student progress information is wonderful.

Established amateurs who help newcomers are often referred to as "Elmers", as coined by Rodney Newkirk, W9BRD. Today, mentors or "Elmers" can quickly set up a newcomer student with an online course and monitor progress, tutoring and motivating the student as needed so a new Ham is quickly on the air. Elmers also can supply loaner radio gear so student can learn the jargon.

Mentors or "Elmers" will often arrange loaner radio equipment so the student can scan and listen while studying and be ready for QSOs on the air when licensed. These established Hams will usually guide the newcomers in choosing the right equipment for the new Ham's needs.

Radio equipment suppliers now can, through this "Elmer" mentoring system sponsor their prospective customers to licensing.