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Ten years providing quick World wide communications with a fast code fist for the U.S. Government's Navy and Coastguard. Went on to become an avid aviator, Ham Radio, commercial radio and Television personality. Listened to and honored by two U.S. presidents and millions of Americans. 

This Ham made Teterboro airport in New Jersey one of the most famous airports in the World via his Ham Radio QSOs, commercial radio broadcast and Television shows.

You Double Es know this one. It was Arthur Godfrey, Call Sign K4LIB

When studying and training to become a Ham you will become aware that the FCC regulations and rules do not refer to Amateur Radio as a "Hobby".

It may be a hobby to the license holder. You'll be playing and absorbing the wonderful technology and it is a rewarding educational experience. However, there are responsibilities. The FCC, the United States Government, your State and local Government and Municipality know that Amateur Radio is a "Public Service". You are the Caretaker and Operator of  Amateur Radio, especially for Public Service "Emergency  Communications".

Ham Radio has been rewarding and educational for me. When many of my school friends were in college I wasn't there, never went to college. I seemed to have more exciting projects to focus on. Rotating machinery, most of it "loud", racing boats, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, etc. Aviation was one of the most rewarding long term educational events. As my friends were coming out of college I was flying the aircraft I built all by myself. All that moved me on from the loud racing machinery to commercial aviation. Ham Radio was my next rewarding educational experience.

I noticed some years back that the number of licensed Hams in the USA was almost exactly the same as the number of licensed pilots in the USA. What can we read into that?

~ N5CNN  -- another caretaker of "Public Service Amateur Radio".


Who was a Ham before becoming really famous?

Call sign, "K4LIB", Arthur Morton Godfrey. (New York, NY 1903, Died New York, NY 1983).

Godfrey's Amateur Radio activity was not washed away by subsequent publicity. He was archived to the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame

He fell out of favor with the big radio and TV advertisers of the time when he refused to do further advertising for cigarette manufacturers when he admitted that cigarettes cause cancer.

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