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     And a hamstake is what. . . .?
   HamStakes are similar to the old definition of GrubStakes - -
    Have their own definition - -

GrubStake Origin:
1860–65, Americanism

grub·stake  [gruhb-steyk]
noun, verb,

1. provisions, gear, etc., furnished to a prospector on condition of participating in the profits of any discoveries.

2. money or other assistance furnished at a time of starting an endeavor or enterprise.

verb (used with object)

to furnish with a grubstake: I grubstaked him to two mules and supplies enough for five months

grub-staker [gruhb-steykr]

1.  provider of the grub-stake.

grub-stakeee [grubb-steykee]

2. receiver of the grub-stake

HamStake Origin: Wireless Industry Association and Hams  Everywhere.
Today, America, Ham Radio Industry

ham-stake [ham-steyk]

1. furnished to jump start one into Ham Radio license & fun for life.

(used with object)

2. to furnish with a ham-stake: Wireless Industry Association &  existing Hams stake students with free study & training Kit to spark & motivate to pass test for Ham Radio license for fun for life.

ham-staker [ham-steykr]

1.  provider of the ham-stake.

ham-stakeee [ham-steykee]

2. receiver of the ham-stake

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