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VHF & UHF Radios  --  Chinese Influence  --

          Dual Band Antennas


Well yea! The economy in the pacific rim countries is sagging as ours is here in the U.S.A. The hungry Chinese manufacturers are increasing in numbers and production and driving prices down. These two-way radio products coming out of Hong Cong to U.S. are duty free. Seems products coming from mainland China are also duty free.


These Chinese vendors, like U.S. vendors, utilize online USPS postage printing systems and zip the packages right to the U.S. Dual band HT prices are getting really low. Dual band mobile units are on the verge of tumbling down also. We're about to start practical testing of some low power, 4W / 10W dual band mobiles designed for the large Australian 80 channel UHF CB band, Most UHF radios from China have T/R coverage, 400 Mhz through 500  Mhz.


We have been testing two-way VHF and UHF HTs, mobiles and HT antennas out of China for several years. See more at the UHF radio section of our Neighborhood Watch  Radio site.