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Antennas tested by Wireless Industry Association for HT and mobile use.

          VHF - UHF Practical Radio


Best so far it is MFJ products because their focus has always been on Amateur Radio products. They test everything and don't attempt to pass on commercial frequency antenna products in the Ham Radio market.

Because of the popularity of HT radios we test many dual band antenna products with BNC and SMA HT hardware mounts. And the winner is - - MFJ, hands down. We have found that most imported products may have acceptable SWR and impedance on one band but, not both bands. Some are commercial frequency products and don't resonate on either Ham band, VHF or UHF. We expect quality HT antenna SWR to be 2:1 or less and impedance to be between 40 and 60 ohms on both bands.

Under the conditions above, 2:1 SWR, the HT will usually produce 88% of rated power to the antenna. A terrible unknown is: --  how much power reduction will the high SWR protection circuit cause at higher SWR? Maybe 50% power reduction at 2.5:1? Or 85% at 3.5:1? At 4:1 SWR some radios will only put 50 Mw to the antenna. The reduction of power output varies by product and circuit design.

We test. We have found these inexpensive products have the low SWR and proper impedance for the popular VHF and UHF Ham bands. We find the MFJ-332 BNC mag. mount with BNC antennas mentioned below work really well mobile or mounted on anything steel..

(We don't list the really bad stuff that won't resonate on any Ham band, but may in the future.)

  HT Products
MFJ-1715  Good with MFJ 322 magnetic mount inside.
MFJ-1716  Good with MFJ 322 magnetic mount on car.
MFJ-1717  Good with MFJ 322 magnetic mount on car.
MFJ-1722  Good inside, fair on car.
MFJ-332  Magnetic Mount.

MFJ Antenna Products
MFJ Antenna Accessories

   More Serious
MFJ-1522  Good buy for base or repeater. (Stands up in corner of room.)
Comet  CX-333 Triband Base Antenna
Diamond X3200A Triband Base Antenna