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There's no cost for you to begin learning and studying right now for your Ham Radio license exam. If you progress and get focused you can fund the small exam expense later.

Although the Wireless Industry Association budget is completely blown, depleted, from the thousands of requests for Ham courses and radios, start anyway.


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        Go to hamradiolicenseexam.com

        Create Account and begin your trip to your Ham Radio license and fun for life.

        Read the FAQs to learn how the program works.

        Ready the Study Tips article to maximize your study time.

        Click "Study" to get started.

As you get further in the course and focused you can fund the course to initiate the HamTestOnline system to monitor you and show your progress. HamTestOnline will let you know when you're ready for the exam.

Grow Ham Radio.org


Ham Elmers tutor new Hams - "Paying it Forward" like below.
   The Internet plays a big part of Elmering today.




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Wireless Industry Association, Hams, "Elmers" and the Ham Radio Industry.


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