What IS this word NAHYET? (naa-yet) In text below.

Technology industries are always in need of new people. The Ham Radio call sign is a credential that badges you with the drive, knowledge and quest to be involved in the technology of today and tomorrow. Indeed, in most high tech industries today Hams are in the leading edge, up front, in and beyond the developing technologies. And, have been at those positions for close to a hundred years.

I submit: It will be like that for a hundred years to come.
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Dr. Owen Garriott W5LFL, Norman, Oklahoma
here & here from December 1983.
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NAHYET is not a Russian word. It's an acronym or contraction probably from a Russian cosmonaut meaning: "Not a Ham yet"?

Radio, Radar, Television, Space Travel, Satellite Technology, Cell Phones, Computers, Internet, any Electronics Technology. Hams were and are at the leading edge, up front, in developing technologies.

Another "old days" story?
In 1981 a Ham friend, Bob Fass, then WA4ARR, now NA5RF, was working at NASA as an EE technician programmer and could occasionally get an hour in the space shuttle simulator about 3:00 am to practice landings starting from 150,000 feet or so altitude. He would take his VHF 2 meter VOX capable handheld into the simulator and give us a running commentary through the NASA Radio Club repeater in Clear Lake, TX,

Bob had no flying experience and crashed the shuttle short some, but actually hard landed on the Kennedy Space Center runway once. All those shuttle crashes were just simulated but we were on edge of seat garnering every breath and word from Bob and monitoring all the audio from NASA Houston controllers operating the simulator. Us being the few missing sleep to be at that leading edge, up front in the developing technology.

At that time nothing inside those buildings was public. For sure he was not following the security rules. However, it was all developing technology and Hams were everywhere there and, no shuttle had ever flown. Shortly after his exciting broadcasts through the NASA VHF Ham Radio repeater the shuttle did fly and several notches of the security belt were taken up. Even being in the simulator room became beyond Bob's grade.

Yes, of course all above is ancient history but, in today's World it would be equivalent maybe to getting into the Mars mission simulator in a similar manner with video and sound arrangement streaming to your buddies via the Internet. Or perhaps same endeavor in a drone or predator simulator.

Shucks, Bob, WA4ARR, had to merely settle then for becoming very proficient as a lead technician programmer on the F16 fighter simulator. Let's see, the F16 fighter simulator was the tomorrow and beyond technology, it was the latest, hottest, most Adrenalin pumping, heart pounding video game ever developed.

A high tech, high energy simulator that could shake bad enough firing a 20mm Vulcan many K RPM gun to make an even greater amount of adrenalin squirt through you while emulating getting you and your ass shot, killed, destroyed and dead. NAHYET?

The Wireless Industry Association was born from processes from Amateur Radio or, the Ham Radio industry as most call it. My involvement in commercial two-way radio and Ham Radio technologies in the sixties, seventies and eighties spawned my dive into the cellular phone industry. Even today, being a member of the Ham Radio fraternity is important to seasoned wireless professionals. NAHYET?

Wireless Industry Association,1986, operates the Wireless Dealer Market, a B2B initiating buy/sell transactions for 500+ million items a year. But, we don't buy or sell anything. We provide the venue for those that do. Members in 44+ countries. 

The Wireless Industry Association today is producing the Grow Ham Radio venue promoting growth of the ranks of Amateur Radio operators by sponsoring the education, training and licensing of NEW Radio Amateurs. Indeed, this Wireless Industry Association project will help reduce the average age of Hams.

Hams today can listen and jump in on intelligent conversations of groups of Hams in round table group discussions. Example: I recently monitored a stimulating conversation of Hams in:
South Africa, Anchorage, AK; San Diego, CA; Mexico City; Hawaii, Guam; Hong Kong; and Japan. These conversation are always open and they asked for response so I joined in. There were probably hundreds or thousands of Hams, and short wave listeners Worldwide, monitoring. This conversational convenience has never been available to Hams before even with the most expensive and sophisticated Ham Radio station, towers and antenna arrays. What?

Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN