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Wi-Mail system no longer used.


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  Too many Millions of emails and recipients spooled up on Wi-Mail servers - choking system to a stop.

We defer to large bulk email services an
d encourage member / users to use or utilize services of choice. They have systems costing many millions of dollars and can better handle large bulk email marketing than our small obsolete and overwhelmed system.  

 Here's search results for bulk email blast vendors

Bing:>>  https://tinyurl.com/y794kd8e


Bulk email expenses reduction will provide substantial reduction of membership fees this fall/winter to help members fund other bulk email marketing services.


Click Here:>> Copy of letter about Wi-Mail problems .


A copy of the Wireless Dealer Market email list is available to members at the Wi-Mail control panel or, request it by email, we'll reply with the list, in .txt and .xlsx formats, attached.


You can utilize the WIA list, merge your list, use combined list with bulk email services of your choice.


Click Here:>>   About bulk email "Delays"



Our Wi-Mail system was designed and implemented some 14 years ago at, thought at the time, a terrible expense, $45+ thousand. Absolute maximum volume of emails anticipated to be spooled up for sending was 500,000 and we knew that level, 500K, would never be reached. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Now, 2018, we see over 2,000,000 emails trying to pour into our servers, (spooled up) in one day by a single member. Our system, thought to be so capable initially, is completely overwhelmed.

Based on the industry wide requirements for a company to be able to send today's hugh bulk emails (spam), we can't budget an expense of five to ten times greater for a bulk email system to spool up, and quickly send out, without big delay, 10 to 25 Million emails a day.  

Please call or email with any questions.
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