Understanding Bulk Email Dynamics
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From WIA President Bob Hutchinson

Recipient reaction
With a bulk email system the recipients can and do react to the sheer volume of mail by:

1.  Reading it. Maybe scripting it to a folder for reference later.
2.  Adding sender to junk email list so it goes to deleted email folder. Perhaps seeing it later.
3.  Opting out of the senders list. Never seeing it. Sender's list get smaller.
4.  Adding sender to script to permanently delete sender's email without opening. Never sees it, sender's list doesn't change.

In some cases the sender company reacts to the depletion by increasing the volume of emails sent. This causes the sender's email marketing plans to become self defeating, self destructive. This can create an attitude of severe indifference in the minds of some industry email recipients. More recipients churn off the lists and may even ignore all of the sender's marketing efforts through other channels.

Avoid Reprisal By Email Recipients - CLICK HERE.

This bulk email recipient reaction was and is predictable. Indeed it reinforces the need and dependence of responsible Wireless industry companies on business to business networking. Networking that allows business commerce to take place in an organized and efficient manner. Bulk email is still an important tool for many but it is "another marketing tool", not a replacement for responsible marketing operations. It must be utilized in moderation to avoid the negative reactions mentioned above. Networking through our Global Wireless Dealer Market clearinghouse is the most efficient and powerful marketing and sales tool in our industry.

Some companies experienced most or all of the events described above. More and more bulk email produced less and less business. Some members believed that bulk email could provide continuing and growing sales and revenue without utilizing business networking.

Blasting out more and more emails, 15 or 30 a day utilizing large spam lists, causes recipients to opt out from the sender. That causes the sender's list to dwindle, ultimately the sender's email marketing efforts become ineffective as targeted prospects just tire of it and get pissed-off at the sender. Sooooo, don't over d
o it,  Click Here Instead, see A Better Plan.

We are now requesting restriction of the number of emails that can be sent out per day to 10.

As more and more features and system were developed to attenuate the massive amounts of email being blasted to the industry, businesses used them, email service providers use them. I've noticed members re-upping their membership after months going through all of the above.
Globally, buyers and sellers quickly and efficiently search for items at the Clearinghouse main page or, even better, the member's Wi-Web page. Present a link to your Wi-Web page in an email. Buyers and sellers can search just YOUR ads at the clearinghouse, not all ads.

Technology Update

- Bob Hutchinson