Information about our  Wi-Mail system's being overwhelmed.

Our IT person is continuing to try to straighten out the system. By the nature of bulk email blasts and spam experienced by the industry, servers, IP addresses and domains get black listed on some of the 103 blacklist web sites. Our email system certainly gets listed at those blacklist sites. When a sender gets listed on many of those sites, email can stop and sender gets listed on even more sites.

Large successful bulk email services have servers all over the planet and full time engineers just to keep their server IPs and domains off of the blacklists. Seems they have extensive software systems just for the purpose of hourly queries to discover and appease blacklist activities.

Trying to compete with the large bulk email services is completely beyond our resources.

You may have seen this we put up recently :>

I believe we will get our system going again but, severe limits will be established. Some contact list utilized in the past at Wi-Mail were 100,000 contacts with probably half invalid. The email industry’s processes, analyzes, quickly recognizes and tags this abuse, the IPs and domains for blacklists.

Total solution not found yet but, WIA may leave the bulk email activities industry to those that do it better with their many millions of dollars system investments. Our list is verified several times a year to remove invalids.

Our membership fees will be reduced this winter to help members fund other bulk email marketing services.

Best regards,
Bob Hutchinson
Wireless Industry Association