Bulk Email System


What Happens When You Click Send??

Delayed Bulk Email? Never gets through?Why, how? Agressive spam filters & blacklists rejection for content or spam experience? 







When you click "Send Blast" your email and address list is spooled up, (transferred), to the Wi-Mail server database queue to be sent across the Internet in a load controlled manner subject to many conditions. Please read below.

When email blasts are sent via your Wi-Mail server in large volumes, (thousands of emails.), there are many issues along the route to the recipient that can affect timely delivery or stop delivery completely.

Senders or sender mail systems can be established as spam or junk originators for experience or repetitive volume and Wi-Mail senders, server IP addresses or domains can be tagged and blacklisted.

Our Wi-Mail system was designed and implemented some 14 years ago at, thought at the time, a terrible expense, $45+ thousand. Absolute maximum volume of emails anticipated to be spooled up for sending was 500,000 and we knew that level, 500K, would never be reached. ~~~~

We encourage member / users to use or uilize any of the large bulk email blast vendors. They have systems costing millions and can better handle large bulk email marketing.

Now we often see over 2,000,000 emails trying to pour into the servers, (spooled up) in one day by a single member. Our system, thought to be so capable initially, is completely overwhelmed.

Seems certain mail blasts, those with a large percentage of invalid recipient  addresses are particularly noticed. Enough of such can get Wi-Mail or user / senders blacklisted.

By today's standards for bulk email, Wi-Mail is a really small system. Big services have IT people that detect blacklisting immediately and arrange corrections. WIA can't, with our budget, do that. This is why we suggest, utilize more than one bulk  email system.

This is why we now limit the volume of emails that can be sent per day and number of blasts per month. We may also request receipient list verification.

Emails sent as a blast of many thousands are never going to be delivered in the same manner as routine business email or an interesting email you’re forwarding to a dozen or so friends.

Thanks and best regards.

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