Wireless Premium Domains Need New Owner(s)
WirelessIndustry.COM, WirelessIndustry.NET, WirelessIndustry.ORG

November, 2018
After 40+ years in wireless, Wireless Industry Association president Bob Hutchinson is retiring and looking for new younger owners, operators, entrepreneurs to grow premium domains wirelessindustry.COM, .NET, .ORG and wirelessdealers.COM, .NET, .ORG to larger presence and positions Worldwide. The domains, or domain sets in use for 20+ years.

Hutchinson announced he is retiring and it’s time now for others. He commented: “From the origins of mobile phones and cellular, it’s been a great ride for 35 years but, time now for younger energies to grow these domains, take them to greater things, encompassing everything wireless, commerce, networking and organization.”

“Focusing over the years mainly on the Wireless Dealer Market trading platform, it’s proper now to pass these industry focused domains on for utilization and growth by new owners.”

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Bob Hutchinson
9746 Tappenbeck Dr.
Houston, Texas  77055
713 467-0077
Email:  BH at PAQ.NET
Email:  inquiry at