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NEW! Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates. Post up to 24 ads per day.

Advanced Distributor membership includes utilization of big ad title roll-over animated banner ads.

Each banner can be big - up to 300 x 125 pixels and can be linked to any WDM ad or to your "All Ads Wi-Web Search Page."
Important! Encourage browsers to search YOUR ads instead of all ads on the WDM site. Put your Wi-Web link in all graphics.

  • Cross marketing to EU Wireless Dealer Market included with this membership.
  • Auto Post (post all selected ad templates with one click.) included.
  • Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates.
  • WIA Bulk Email List Available (4,000 contacts.)
  • Up to 20 Roll-Over Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners that you create can be stored for your use with posted ads. Each can be hyperlinked to your web page U RLs. Prices and contact information ARE allowed in your Pops. Feel free to use prices and contact informational in your POP messages or POP banners.
  • This dynamic feature provides maximum attention to your WDM ads. You can change any of your Roll-Over Pops anytime. CLICK HERE for details about using this exciting new feature.



Mini-Web and domain name provided with membership, no charge.

  • Post up to 24 ads per day.
  • Utilize up to 999 Auto Post templates.
  • Use of up to 8 email addresses and phone numbers. Contact information can be edited at the posting page.
  • Use of up to 20 different Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners. Can be big - 300 x 125 pixels.
  • Utilize DBA or brand name (alias).
  • Use of graphic ad title icons.
  • Posting to EU WDM included.
  • Advanced Email marketing available. WIA Bulk List Included.
  • Wi-Web - your wireless industry custom web site and domain name -our server -
    included with member
    ship. Click Here:>>  
  • | How to use the Pop-Messages & Pop-Banners Feature. |

Call or email to upgrade to advanced distributor membership privileges.

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