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Interview / Inquiry

WIA occasionally conducts phone interviews or inquiries with companies, members or membership applicants. We contact the principals, owners or top management with a few questions about the company and its operations. We do this to confirm information about names of persons, email addresses and phone numbers and to ascertain the nature of the business. This interview / inquiry may also be done when a complaint is posted at our DGroupShare feedback area or, for any reason deemed prudent by WIA.

We always identify ourselves to contacts at the company and attempt to contact the principals, owners or top management people according to the original membership application. This process is almost always satisfactory and it keeps us in contact with the members. It becomes unsatisfactory when contact and communication is unsuccessful because the principals appear to be unknown, aliases, secret, unavailable, unapproachable or unnamed. Attempts by anyone at the member company's phone number of record to not provide basic contact information or any evasiveness will result in an unsatisfactory interview and membership privileges will be suspended or cancelled.

If the company is a retailer and we receive a consumer complaint, we may conduct an interview as a retail customer. In this situation the interview is done somewhat differently. It is an evaluation of the company's public consumer or customer relations and performance. Any deception, poor communications or just bad business practices will fail the interview.