Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN

  Robert Hutchinson, founder and President of the Wireless Industry Association.

The Wireless Industry Association, originally the National Association of Cellular Agents, was started in 1986 as a grass-roots trade organization of cellular agents. As the industry blossomed, it became clear that agents and dealers needed someone to represent their interests to carriers, manufacturers, and the industry. It was apparent early on that the "Baby Bell" carriers were using the same traditional monopolistic business methods historically used, and that agents would need help in dealing with them.

Soon after its inception, the Association assisted agents by analyzing and interpreting carrier-agent contracts. Consequently the Association became a clearinghouse of information and wireless business operations unparalleled in the industry. Literally thousands of agents have called for guidance and many hundreds of contracts have been reviewed.

As the initiator and President of the Association, Hutchinson can expound and articulate on industry practices, agent operations, contract details, and business relationships. He does so in laymen's terms and can speak about their meaning, results, and effects. For over 20 years Hutchinson has been consulted by attorneys and agents about these matters. He is frequently listed as an expert witness in pending court cases, which are often settled before trial. In addition, he is sourced and consulted by writers, reporters and other consultants.

Hutchinson's interest in the cellular industry began in 1985. While preparing cellular market research projects for others, he studied the prospect of being on the ground floor of a burgeoning industry, leading him to become a cellular agent. During this period, Hutchinson met other cellular entrepreneurs and risk-takers and enjoyed candid conversations providing a great overview of the cellular industry at a time when carriers really needed agents and retailers. Soon it became apparent that no one spoke on behalf of agents and retailers in the matter of contracts or in the general operations of business in a new industry.

As opportunities in the cellular sector grew, Hutchinson and his staff took the initiative to form a trade association dedicated solely to the success and profitability of cellular agents.


In 1995 the Association began its pioneer involvement in the Internet and today operates the World's most popular web site dedicated to the wholesale/retail, business to business wireless industry. The International Global Wireless Dealer Market feature on the Associations web initiates transactions moving hundreds of million of items a year in the Worldwide wholesale wireless industry.

Hutchinson's writings and interviews have been published in the major cellular industry publications including Cellular Business, Wireless World, Cellular Marketing, RCR, Mobile Radio Technology, Wireless Week, and others. He is often asked to serve as guest speaker or panelist at the important industry trade shows and seminars.

In addition, Hutchinson has published numerous articles, pamphlets, software and books in his 26+ years in the industry. Among them are Cellular Market Simulator, Paging Reseller Profits Manual, Cellular Agent Legal News, Cellular Agent Software, TOPS Software, Cellular Agent's Survival Guide and Wireless Magazine.

Hutchinson resides in Houston, Texas. He holds a commercial pilot's license, is an expert in the art of large and medium format outdoor photography, and enjoys motorcycling, pistol shooting, collecting and Amateur radio -call sign N5CNN.

Amateur Radio
He has been an active HAM and enthusiastic supporter of Amateur Radio since 1973. His product review articles at set new Internet detail and presentation standards for  Ham equipment reviews, specially for linear amplifiers.
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Bob has a private photo gallery in his home representing over fifty years of his photography in the United States. Involved in photography since eight grade, Bob's professional camera expertise and designs are appreciated World wide.

From teenage Bob has been a 1911 pistol shooter and competent 1911 pistolsmith trained and mentored by the father of all master pistolsmithing, James E. Clark of Shreveport, LA. Bob owns one of the largest and finest post war 1911 collections in the U.S.