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  The Wireless Industry Association, originally the National Association of Cellular Agents, was planned in 1985, started in 1986, incorporated in December of 1986 as a Houston grass-roots trade organization of cellular dealers, agents and retailers by Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN. As the industry blossomed, it became clear that dealers, agents and retailers needed someone to represent their interests to carriers, manufacturers, and the industry. It was apparent early on that the "Baby Bell" carriers were using the same traditional monopolistic business methods historically used, and that agents would need help in dealing with them.

Soon after its inception, the Association assisted agents, dealers and retailers agents by analyzing and interpreting carrier-agent contracts. Consequently the Association became a clearinghouse of information and wireless business operations unparalleled in the industry.

Cellular Industry History

In 1996 the Association renamed, Wireless Industry Association, began its pioneer involvement with the Internet and today operates the World's most popular web site dedicated to the wholesale/retail, business to business Wireless industry.

The Global Wireless Dealer Market has grown to become the Global wholesale business-to-business market for all electronic wireless devices used by people today.

Indeed, any consumer product that communicates wirelessly can be bought or sold at the wireless industry's Internet wholesale clearinghouse. If the words "Wireless" or "Internet" are in any way connect with the product, it will be bought, sold, or transacted at the clearinghouse.

Transactions for over 500 million items a year involving members in 44+ countries occur at the Clearinghouse. Members claim this translates to several Billions of Dollars of commerce yearly.

WIA is also a supporter and sponsor of Amateur Radio, GMRS Radio and Neighborhood Watch Radio.. WIA founder Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN, has been in the Ham industry for many years. His bio here.


Cellular Industry History


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